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        Capstone? Fluorosurfactants and Coating Additives

        Capstone™ Fluorosurfactants Allow for Higher Performance

        Capstone™ surfactants and coating additives deliver multi-functional solutions with maximum performance. When used in combination with conventional surfactants, they lower the total formulation cost since less surfactant is needed. This can provide three- to ten-fold cost savings, while also enhancing effectiveness of the blend.

        Capstone™ fluorosurfactants improve qualities such as:

        • Wetting and spreading
        • Leveling
        • Penetrating
        • Foaming control
        • Chemical stability
        • Thermal stability
        • Substantially reducing surface tension

        The diverse Capstone™ fluorosurfactants and coating additives product line provides more than 20 different product grades to meet specific applications. View the Capstone™ Fluorosurfactants Product Guide to learn more about each product grade and application.

        Capstone™ Fluorosurfactants and Coating Additives