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        Capstone? Repellents for Stone, Tile, and Concrete Applications

        Stain Fighting That Stands Up to Extensive Wear on Tough Materials

        Many homes and businesses use stone, tile, or concrete as flooring materials. Chosen for their durability and visual appeal, these materials require protection to live up to expectations and remain in good condition.

        Capstone™ repellents keep stone, tile, concrete, and grout looking natural and new. These fluoropolymer repellents can be diluted to create oil- and water-repellent penetrating sealers for natural stone, porous tile, grout, and masonry. They resist staining without changing the natural appearance of the substrate and provide oil and water repellency, stain resistance, and easy stain cleanup.

        Capstone™ repellents outperform the competition, and deliver more satisfactory results for protecting substrates from stains.