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        The Chemours Company Leadership

        Meet The Team

        Welcome to The Chemours Company. Whether you’re a customer, shareholder, or stakeholder, we’re glad you’re here. 

        We are the men and women of Chemours. We come to work with one goal: making chemistry a catalyst for growth, invention, and lasting value. We’re passionate about chemistry. It’s how we make businesses better for our customers and improve life for people around the world.

        Chemours is a startup with a 200+ year history. As an independent, publicly traded corporation, we’re relatively new. But our businesses build on a proud legacy that started in 1802, when chemist E.I. DuPont founded his company.

        DuPont quickly earned a reputation for quality products, unmatched manufacturing sophistication, and an obsession with safety. We’re continuing to improve on that solid foundation. We started with famous brands including Teflon? fluoropolymers, Opteon? refrigerants, Ti-Pure? titanium dioxide, and Viton? fluoroelastomers, drawing on deep experience from operating plant sites and a deep commitment to sustainability and stewardship.

        Most of all, Chemours is proudly a responsible chemistry company.

        —Mark Vergnano

        mark vergnano

        Mark Vergnano

        President and CEO, The Chemours Company

        We are a chemistry company that enables a more colorful, capable, cleaner world.