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        New Heights in a Year of Transformation

        Overcoming challenges and championing innovation to become a world-leading chemistry company.

        Business Growth

        Transforming challenges into accomplishments

        During our first full operating year as a standalone company, we’ve shown the agility to overcome challenges and achieve positive results across our financials, businesses, and organizational culture.

        Change usually doesn’t come easily to organizations. That's why 2016 became such a powerful testament testament to the strength of our five-point transformation plan. We took big strides to become a nimbler, more customer-centric organization that helps shape markets today and will continue to shape them tomorrow. The results speak for themselves.

        Our Continued Focus: A New Kind of Chemistry Company

        In 2016, we achieved incredible improvements in our business performance, taking a huge step towards becoming a new kind of chemistry company. We've completed our transformation plan and continue to focus on delivering annual targeted financial, business, and organizational enhancements and growth.