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        To Our Stakeholders

        Download the 2018 Report

        A Message from Our CEO

        At Chemours, we are proud of the work we do. Our chemistry creates products that make life better for people all over the world, every day.  Our chemistry is at the heart of scientific discovery and innovation. It makes modern conveniences, leading-edge technologies, and life changing medical solutions possible. Everything from cellular telephones to autonomous vehicles to infants’ breathing tubes relies on our chemistry. But there’s more. It also supports earth-friendly refrigerants and water repellants.  Simply put, what we do at Chemours matters.  It makes a difference. 

        As much as our chemistry contributes to the world, we recognize that our products and ingredients must be produced responsibly. The world is demanding change, and we are embracing it. Guided by our values—Unshakable Integrity, Safety Obsession, Customer Centered, Collective Entrepreneurship, Refreshing Simplicity—we are reshaping our chemistry to reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship. We understand that given the ubiquity of this science and the products it powers, we must all be good stewards of both our planet and its population—not just today, but well into the future.  

        Last year, in the pages of our first Corporate Responsibility Commitment report, we introduced 10 specific goals we will strive to achieve by 2030. That report laid out our performance targets, aspirations, and plans for increased diversity in our workforce, improved safety in our operations, cleaner production processes, increased access to education across all our communities, sustainable environments, and more. That same year we also signed on to the United Nations Global Compact, committing to take specific action in support of the broader United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

        This year’s report showcases our continued progress through specific programs and activities, as well as clear baselines from which we will measure our performance each year. We are also presenting our first Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index, which offers insightful data that measures our performance across the most pressing corporate responsibility areas using independent, widely accepted standards. We have no shortage of information; however, for us, the report and index are so much more than simply text on a page, numbers, and charts—they are a symbol of our commitment to transparency, action, impacts, and results.

        As we compiled our data and shaped the content for this report, I found myself returning again and again to a favorite Greek proverb, “society grows best when elders plant trees for generations to come." It perfectly captures the magnitude and impact of what we, as a company, are striving for. And looking at it from that perspective, I can’t help but feel fortunate to count myself among the 7,000 Chemours employees who are personally invested in making a real difference every day. Our progress, each milestone passed, and initiative completed, not only brings us one step closer to our goals, but plants another shade tree for generations to come.

        In a world that demands more of corporations and individuals, I’m incredibly proud to call Chemours a new kind of chemistry company.

        Kind regards,

        Mark Vergnano
        President and CEO

        Mark Vergnano signature