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        Sustainable Offerings

        Our Products are Innovative, Essential Materials Improving Lives and Powering the Future.

        While all the wonders of the digital revolution—from the Internet of Things to driverless cars and superfast wireless communications—improve the way the world works, they rely on constant innovations in chemistry.

        So do digitally driven advances in the way we grow, transport, and store food; generate, store, and transmit energy; and work, play, and live in our ever-growing cities. In response, we are reimagining our portfolio to help bring about a more advanced world that is also safer, healthier, and more resilient.

        For us, innovation and sustainability are not just aligned, they are combined. Sustainable innovation is the key to our growth strategy and to achieving our Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) goals. It is also central to our ethos of responsible chemistry. Meeting our 2030 product goals inspires us to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our product development, thinking not only about a product’s effectiveness, but also about its life cycle impacts.

        A graphic depicting Chemours’ 2030 sustainable offerings goal and baseline.

        Product Stewardship and Innovation

        Evolving our portfolio begins with our development pipeline and extends into stewardship of all of our product offerings. In 2018, we upgraded our product stewardship program to align with our CRC goals. One crucial step was the development of a new, more comprehensive Product Sustainability Risk Assessment (PSRA), which helps us provide safer and more sustainable offerings for our customers, and theirs as well. We completed the PSRA redesign in 2018 along with 11 product family reviews. By the end of 2019, we will have completed 25 more.

        Some of our sustainable offerings include: