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        Evolved Portfolio

        Our Evolved Portfolio

        We deliver essential solutions, responsibly.

        Because of improved technology and economic conditions, more people than ever before enjoy greater comfort—cooler homes, durable coatings, refrigerated food, better waterproof materials, safer cars, and faster wireless communications—all made possible by chemistry.

        While the world needs these solutions now more than ever, it also demands that we deliver them responsibly and without harming the planet. Our portfolio must enable meeting those essential needs through our commitment to responsible chemistry. To do that, we’re reimagining what a chemistry company can do, from what we produce to how we produce it. We’re putting sustainability at the center of our business decisions and considering it at every step, from raw materials all the way to the end of the product life cycle.

        Our evolving product portfolio will help us meet our Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) goals and will lead the way in our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly to our priority pillars. And while we’re continuing to evolve that portfolio, our products are already making significant contributions.