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        The Unknown Essentials of Smart Cities

        Fluoropolymers are critical to the high-speed, 5G connectivity that smart cities demand.

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        Our Purpose and Values

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        two men in white hardhats standing at a powerplant railing looking at plans
        INDUSTRIES AND APPLICATIONS As a world leader in titanium technology, fluoroproducts, and chemical solutions, we're harnessing the power of chemistry to enable modern living.
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        woman in white checking smartwatch on her left wrist
        Consumer Electronics
        worker in red hardhat checking out solar panels
        fly agaric mushroom with red cap and tan bumps
        Architectural Coatings
        four men standing between giant dump truck and other machinery in a quarry
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        Application Development
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        We're using chemistry to change lives, shape markets, and redefine history—we can't accomplish that without the best and brightest talent. 
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